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  • The ITOWA anemometeric indicator meets the requirements of the ITC "MIE-AEM-2" of the regulations of lifting and maintenance apparatus, activating flashing light and intermittent acoustic signals when the wind speed reaches 50km/h & fixed signals when this speed reaches 75km/h Download Catalogue Send Online Query

  • The anticollision device is a safety device to avoid collision of two EOT cranes working on the same rails. Working on the principle of retro reflective infrared waves, the arrangement of the transmitter and reflector plate provides on each crane acts as the safety mechanism. Download Catalogue Send Online Query

  • The DC Brake Controller is an electronic controller suitable for operating DCEM brakes. The controller is universal for all brake sizes from 100 to 700 drum size. The highly advanced design is configurable via a keyboard and display user interface, and is robust as well as easy to use. Download Catalogue Send Online Query